Value, innovation, growth and win-win

With 20 years of focus, we are the global leading developer and manufacturer of timing systems and related engine components.
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  • Camshaft phasor (VVT)

  • Time gauge repair kit

Kaili products

Value innovation, growth and win-win

Thanks to the excellent product quality and unremitting efforts, we have won the trust of customers in more than 70 countries and regions around the world and become its most reliable trading partner.

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Full after-sales coverage ensures no worries

2 year warranty for 80000 km

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Products manufactured by Kaili
  • Camshaft phasor/VVT  230 models +
  • Timing chain  700 models +
  • chain guide  1500 models +
  • Timing tensioner  800 models +
  • Camshaft and crankshaft gear  1000 models +
  • Timing repair kit  1500 models +
Become the world leader in chain drive systems
Why choose Kelley
  • Focus on the after-sales market, complete product models, full coverage of chain system vehicles, and provide one-stop procurement services for customers

  • Reliable market information and technical support, no worries after sales

  • Mature global marketing experience can help customers accurately position the market

  • Strong design R&D team, with perfect experimental ability and design verification ability

  • Advanced manufacturing and testing equipment to ensure the delivery of high-quality products to customers

  • The parts in the timing repair kit are precisely designed and matched, wear resistant and free of abnormal noise

  • The plastics are made of imported PA66 and PA46 materials, which are consistent with OE materials

  • 100% performance test of key parts, 100% air tightness test of tensioner core semi assembly

  • VVT finished product delivery 100% performance and size test

  • It is convenient and flexible to configure different combinations according to customer requirements

Kaili provides you with more than


The timing repair kit covers all vehicle systems and provides customers with one-stop procurement services. Kaili develops more than 30 new models every year, which will bring you continuous products and services.

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